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Payton’s Peers groups are open to all children of any age, providing support for coping with bullying and its effects. Students from the elementary, secondary, high school and collegiate levels are able to share thoughts and emotions in a cross-age forum that focuses on student-led strength and sustenance, on a bimonthly basis at Battlefield Sportsplex.

Each session encourages an opportunity for members to share past or current experiences with bullying behavior in a supportive, non-judgmental environment. In addition, each meeting specifically addresses a topic related to bullying behavior. For instance, a session might address resilience through coping mechanisms or foster an open discussion on ways to improve school climate and diminish bullying behavior.

Payton’s Peers also serves as a model framework for local peer networks to provide support for those suffering from bullying behavior.  If your child would like to attend, call Jenny at 844-44-Payton, ext. 806 or email jmischel@paytonsproject.org.

Payton’s Peers Sessions

Every Other Wednesday @6 pm

Battlefield Sportsplex

6966 Wellington Rd

Manassas, VA 20109

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