• Take a Stand and Raise a Hand!

When students stand up to bullying together, they can have a huge impact. Studies show that schools with anti-bullying clubs typically see a 50% reduction in bullying behaviors. Join your school’s club,  or if there isn’t one, talk to guidance counselors about steps for starting one. Payton’s Project would be glad to lend a hand! Other steps you can take:

  • Take, and share, Payton’s Pledge
  • Speak up or offer support for bullying victim, even if it is speaking to them after the incident and letting them know they are not alone
  • If somebody is in physical danger, find a trusted adult to intervene
  • Do not join in laughter, teasing or other behaviors that support the bullying
  • Do not respond to or share cyberbullying messages
  • Increase awareness of the affects of bullying behavior–talk to friends, wear a Freeze Bullying Bracelet, share information on social media
  • If friends are supporting bullying (laughing, spreading rumors, etc), talk to them about how this affects the victim and what they could do instead
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