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Payton's Project Wellness Room Grant Application Recipients Receive

$4000 towards the upstart costs of a Wellness Room that is available to all students in the school.

Our vision of a Wellness Room in a School

A reset space for a student to discover and practice coping strategies that respect their feelings, and promote self-regulation. A room not hidden but can be made private if needed. The goal of the Wellness Room is to teach all students how to self-regulate, promote resilience, destigmatize mental health, and return quickly to their classroom learning environment.

Suggested items for the Wellness Room

Sensory organization:

  • Sounds – rain stick, head phones 
  • Smell – essential oils, smelly putty 
  • Site – breathing ball, bubbles, giant mandala wall poster & colored pencils
  • Taste – mints 
  • Touch -  Weighted blanket, sand paper, nubby balls, squeeze balls, bubble wrap, play dough, fidgets, velcro, sand table
  • Gross Motor - Yoga pose cards, Balance balls with nubs, swing hanging from the ceiling, mini trampoline, rowing machine, breathing cards, Legos, slam ball.

Check-in-check-out rating scales (1-10 for stress levels)

Light timer, green, yellow, red 

Projector to project the Calm app or nature pictures 

No posters or decorations in the Wellness Room, soft lighting, comfortable seating

Laminated cards for beyond the walls of the room – box breathing, lap around the school, pass to counselor 

Zones of regulation Cards

*Expansion idea: School wide brain breaks: breathing, gross motor movement, and stretches.

Demonstration Video


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