Payton’s Project has an ongoing college scholarship program for outstanding students across the country who have persevered while experiencing bullying/cyberbullying and for those who have demonstrated efforts to “Freeze Bullying and Cyberbullying” in their schools and communities. Our goal is to award 24 $1,000 scholarships each year.

Congrats to our 2023-2024 Awardees!

Aditya Rao
Barb Brien
Cameron Turner
Destinee Nawee
Hailey Violette
Kyleigh Craig
Pebble Pressler

Angel Prado-Rangel
Blake Tucker
Celia Fuhrman
Drew Dana
Joe Coolican
MacKenzie Trillhaase
Sara Fako

Anna Phillips
Brianna Counsellor
Claire Pesci
Grayson Steinmetz
Katie O'Brien
Mohamed Ahmed
Tim Iyere

Thank you to everyone who submitted your applications to us. It takes courage and commitment to share that experience, and we hope you all find success wherever your next step in life is taking you.

At Least $1000 Given to Each Recipient

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2024-2025 Application Opens March 1, 2025

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This annual scholarship award is in the amount of $24,000 to be provided in $1,000 or $2,000 awards (up to twenty-four (24) total awards, in an amount at the scholarship committee's discretion), to eligible high school seniors and current students at accredited higher learning institutes.
Each school or higher learning institute may submit multiple students for consideration. A designated school or higher learning institute counselor should ensure that applications are submitted in accordance with the Eligibility Criteria listed below:

Eligibility Criteria

  • Must be a current high school senior at any school in the United States or an active student enrolled in an accredited higher learning institute who intends to pursue or continue studies at an accredited higher learning institute.
  • Submit a video (less than 5 minutes) or typewritten essay (not to exceed 2 pages, 12 pt, single spaced) that MUST identify and discuss the applicant's efforts and actions to directly combat bullying in their school/community or identify and discuss how the applicant has been a victim of bullying and persevered.
  • Obtain two (2) written recommendations - one (1) from a member of the faculty, staff, or administration at the school in which the applicant is currently enrolled, and EITHER another from an educator OR one (1) from a peer of the applicant. This peer can be someone like a friend, classmate, or coworker. These recommendations are to serve as validation that the applicant's words and actions promote an environment of acceptance and tolerance of differences within the community.

Previous Freeze Bullying Scholarship Award Recipients may reapply each subsequent year for consideration for additional awards, if the individual continues to meet the current Eligibility Criteria.


Reach out to [email protected] for more!

Previous Awardees


Aditi Poudel
Caroline Dewey
Charlene Nguyen
Connor Peak
Isabelle Krieger
Jennifer Dang
Jordan Shaw
Loza Asmare
Savannah McNeil
Rockingham County Schools Awardee
Rockingham County Schools Awardee
Rockingham County Schools Awardee


Aaron Paul
Brandon Farbstien
Emily Johnson
Emma Snyder
Everildo Hernandez-Morales
Hailey Hancock
Hayden Sarpong
Heather Moser
Joshua Gruta
Kyra Cauthen
Madison Moore
McKennah Noh
Michael Poore
Sylvia Chen
Taylor Covington
Zoe Voettiner


Bethany Elliot
Caitlyn Joseph
Emily Villacrusis
Hajrah Choudhry
Iqra Noor
Jacob Neal
Naomi Biela
Olivia McCarthy
Olivia Santee
Sarah Caufield
Victoria Barker


Emily Villacrusis
Kourtney Regalado
Spencer Todd


Avery Hunter
Emily Noumbo-Haji
Josiah Gifaldi
Mekhi Mims


Abigail Villacrusis
Aimee Resnick
Anya Mischel
Claire Johnson
Connie Lam
Emmalynn McMurrer
Philicity Collignon
Sydney Stafford


Bridget Schneider
Carly Hemani
Elena Shropshire
Madison Ingram