Wellness Rooms

Payton's Project Wellness Room Grant Recipients Receive $6000 towards the upstart and maintenance costs of a Wellness Room that is available to all students in the school.

Our Vision of a Wellness Room in a School

A Wellness Room offers a reset space for a student to discover and practice coping strategies that respect their feelings, and promote self-regulation. It is not a hidden space, but can be made private if needed. The goal of the Wellness Room is to teach all students how to self-regulate, promote resilience, destigmatize mental health, and return quickly to their classroom learning environment.

Grant Awardees

Porter Traditional School
Bull Run Middle School
Fred Lynn Middle School
Graham Park Middle School
Hampton Middle School
Marteller Middle School
Potomac Shores Middle School
Rippon Middle School
Unity Braxton Middle School
Woodbridge Middle School
Woodbridge Sr. High School
Battlefield High School